You and Them by Janne Larsen
as part of The Ups & Downs, an installation series curated by Mathew Timmons

This installation is about elbows, the least friendly part of the body; elbows on the freeway, the least social social-interaction. Let’s face it: In the freeway it is You or Them. Body parts are at high risks, morphing into the space of the car, you maneuver and try to out-strategize Them. The last figure in the installation is the hopelessly ideal. The one that is the Other. The unused body part, the dreamer, the drifter, the asleep at the wheel, the one no one talks about.

Opening reception February 6th, 7:00pm
Closing reception February 7th, 7:00pm

The Ups & Downs is an installation series. The show goes up, the show goes down. Opening party on Friday night and closing party the next night, on Saturday. No time for exhibitions. Low impact, ephemeral and immersive art. People with lots of People. The market. It’s a party. Time for the underground. It’s a ball. It’s for The People. This has been made for you. Do I know you? The show must go on. Installed and De-installed. Up. Down. Now what? Now then…

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