David Gilbert

November 7th through November 19th

Opening Reception November 7, 2009 7-10 pm

In Blueboy, an installation at workspace by David Gilbert, objects
veer from visual overflow to starkness. Moving between baroque and
minimal sensibilities, the work shifts between sculpture, photography,
and installation. The same or similar objects are often repeated
throughout the show, an effect that creates a sense of visual rhyming.
As elements are reused (and often altered) from piece to piece, their
existence becomes tenuous and complex because they refuse to be
defined by a specific medium in a singular object.

Originating out of a still life tradition, banal objects welcome a
host of readings: as belongings loaded with personal sentiment, as
metaphors for the body, or as purely formal elements. Overall, the
work reads as remnants of an event or of a person. A feeling of
melancholy emerges from both the sparseness of the sculptural elements
and the absence of the actual objects depicted in the photographs.

David Gilbert: Blue Boy David Gilbert: Blue Boy David Gilbert: Blue Boy David Gilbert: Blue Boy

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  1. Alice Says:

    I love the work on Gilbert’s website. So sorry that I missed the show.


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