Cameron Crone: Object, Image, Room, Wood, Etc.

Past exhibitions, performances, and events at Workspace:


Dwayne Wayned
Samantha Roth
(March 2nd)

Fighting With Phantoms of Purple Prose
John Seal
(January 28th)


Department of Water and Power
Marina Pinsky
(November 5th)

What Have I Done to Deserve This
An afternoon of simultaneous performances
Karen Adelman | John Burtle | Alexis Disselkoen | Paul Pescador | Christa von Sydow
Organized by Paul Pescador
(October 22nd)

Amir Nikravan,
Kelly Cline and Amir Nikravan
CO/LAB at Art Platform Los Angeles
Presented by ARTRA Curatorial
(October 1st – 3rd)

Land Before Time
The Land Before Time
Erich Bollmann | Samantha Contis | Nick Lowe
(September 16th)

Curated by Jo-ey Tang
(June 12th)

Betsy Seder: The Elephant
The Elephant
Betsy Lin Seder
(May 21st)

Art Sale
(May 1st)

Zachary Leener
The Great Lakes
James Anderson | Neal Bashor | Brianna Gorton | Zachary Leener
(April 1st)

Lesley Moon: Tortoise-On-Domino
Tortoise – On – Domino
Lesley Moon
(March 12th)

Cameron Crone: Object, Image, Room, Wood, Etc.
Object, Image, Room, Wood, Etc.
Cameron Crone
(February 7th)

Alexis Disselkoen
mi mamá dice que
Alexis Disselkoen @ The Collective Show
(January 20th)


Cole Akers
A Fire in My Belly: A Film by David Wojnarowicz
Organized by Cole Akers
(December 12th)

bobbi woods
Dark Glasses
Bobbi Woods
(December 11th)

Untitled Collective
Mutual Assent
Untitled Collective
(December 4th)

samara golden
Busts: My Personal Winter
Samara Golden
(October 23rd)

Katie Ryan
Tasteful Improvements
Katie Ryan
(September 10th)

Davida Nemeroff- Potpourri
Davida Nemeroff
(June 12th)

Tragic Dinner Theatre
A fundraiser for workspace
Directed by Anna Wilson
(May 23rd)


Curated by David Horvitz
(April 3rd)

Outside the Project
Curated by Jessica Minckley
(April 10th)

Nice to meet you: Over
Curated by Zemula Barr, Jennifer Lieu,
Sarah Brin
and Melinda Guillen
(April 17th)

Downs Fortnight Stendhal Light friends…..
Curated by Elizabeth Cline
(April 24th)

Coney Island Last Summer
Coney Island (last summer)
A screening of a film by Marion Naccache
Organized by Sarah Wang
(April 18th)

Sonja Gerdes
The Eternal Reoccurrence of Everything
Curated by Sonja Gerdes
(March 6th)

jenny yurshansky
A Chance Operation
Jenny Yurshansky
(February 13th)

Original Plumbing Release Party
Original Plumbing #2 Release Party
Organized by Darin Klein
(February 5th)

Elonda Billera
pulling mussels from the shell
Elonda Billera
(January 23rd)


Lets Pretend This Never Happened
Let’s Pretend This Never Happened
Curated by Graham Kolbeins
(December 12th)

lia lowenthal
I Brush My Teeth With My Left Hand to Loosen Up
Lia Lowenthal
(December 5th)

akina cox
Organized by Daniel Ingroff and Paul Pescador
In conjunction with BLOCK PARTY
(November 21st)

david gilbert
David Gilbert
(November 7th)

David Shane Smith, Margaret Wappler, Dan Plaza
(October 22nd)

Kelly Sears
Conceptual Telegraphy and the Song of the Wind Through Its Wires
Curated by Katie Herzog
(October 10th)

Liz Glynn
65 | 77 | 03
Liz Glynn
(September 4th)

danielle mccullough/joy curtis olin/mike olin
The Winning Hand
Danielle McCullough, Mike Olin and Joy Curtis-Olin
(August 14th)

Julia Sherman
A Room-A Loom
Julia Sherman
(June 19th)

Scriptor 1.0
Brian Kim Stefans
(June 5th)

john houck
John Houck
(May 2nd)

Paul Pescador
Paul Pescador
(Apr 4th)

Alison O'daniel
Deaf Mountain
Alison O’Daniel
(March 27th)

Lukas Geronimas/David Horvitz
What’s in the Box?
Lukas Geronimas and David Horvitz
(March 18th)

Spitting Video: The YouTube Curation
Hosted by Shade Falcon Remelin
(Mar 13th)

Danielle Adair
Danielle Adair
(March 6th)

Janne Larsen
You and Them
Janne Larsen
(Feb 6th)

Adam Katz/David Godshall
After Total Darkness
Adam Katz and David Godshall
(January 3rd)


Curated by Tiffany Barber
(November 21st)

Daniel Ingroff
Cape Cod Gothic
Daniel Ingroff
(October 10th)